Comitê de Serviço da Área São Paulo
São Paulo Area Service Committee

There is life after drugs. In addition to recovery meetings, fellowship events are a healthy form of fun. Celebrations of group birthdays, Meetings to study steps, themes, traditions and concepts. Balls, music, sports and lots of socializing. This service also follows NA principles so that we do not deviate from our primary purpose. The events contribute to the recovery journey to be very cool and we can stay together. Enter and learn more.

Online meetings of the Events subcommittee

Every Tuesday 

at 20:00

Long Reach takes NA's message into NA. Basically it offers three types of services: Community, Institutional and extension. Lots of information and experiences to be transmitted to the groups. Focuses on solutions and is always available to help. Manuals, newsletters, group presentations (panels). Helps maintain a recovery environment in the service. Receive and gather suggestions. Holds days of learning and meeting employees and works together with all service structures.

Online Meetings of the Long Range Subcommittee

All Wednesdays

at 20:00

Public Relations (PR) and Public Information (IP) keeps the community informed about who we are, where we are and what we do. Free and unprofessional service. Various Brotherhood outreach activities are carried out, such as presentations at schools, companies, posting posters and information boards. Distribution of meeting lists, pamphlets, billboards, media work.

Our PR is also responsible for the Helpline service. Today we have the number 0800 888 6262 and Whatsapp +55 11 94551-2594

Online Meetings of the Public Relations Subcommittee

Every Monday

at 20:00

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